188 and tablescapes

I feel like I should start with a confession. I have been sucked into the swirling vortex that is wedding blogs. I am an obsessive planner by nature and in the beginning I brushed off this new obsession by telling myself it was only due to my need to prepare. I guess the truth is somewhere in between; I like new ideas and people on wedding blogs often have awesome ideas. I also like reading about some, er, more creative choices that people have made, if only to assure myself that I am much more sane because my selections won’t be nearly so…unique (are 27 ice sculptures unique? What if, in addition to the requisite swan/hearts/etc., there are also ice sculptures in the shape of your initials?).

Enter The Knot. I, like many newly engaged, signed up to receive their email updates, mainly because I was advised that their checklist feature is so helpful. I’m sure this is true for some people. In my case nothing makes me want to run screaming in terror, consider eloping, or roll on the floor laughing like seeing the screen that says “there are 188 to-dos on your list.” These “to-dos” include ideas like encouraging you to send “just engaged video e-cards” (coming soon to the inbox of everyone I know), envision what kind of “tablescape” we might want (WHAT IS A TABLESCAPE!?) and what kind of details might be important to us (see: ice sculptures).

It’s possible that I might feel completely differently about the situation if we had a shorter engagement. It’s also a possibility that in 6 months I might be grateful for a checklist that reminds me that I need to buy a wedding dress. Only time will tell. For now you’ll have to excuse me, but I’m working on my own checklist (3 is better than 188 right?). So far it looks like this: 1) Make video e-card 2) Google “tablescape” 3) Research ice sculpture compatibility with June wedding.

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