it’s friday, i’m in love

Cliché? Perhaps, but seriously, it’s a great song.

Anyway I think gratitude is a good feeling for starting the day and what better way to start the weekend than to list some awesome things in your life? (lists! I love lists!) Without further ado, some pretty awesome things I love:

My niece! Not really a thing as much as a furry grey relative, but she likes boxes and making funny faces which I love because then they show up on my phone like this:

Sherlock Holmes: I recently started “The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1″ and am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Holmes is such a great character, though was apparently an open and prolific user of cocaine (who knew!?). While he is purely fictional it is still amusing to read that he uses the drug due to the boredom he feels with the unchallenging nature of everyday life facing him when he doesn’t have a case. Imagine if today’s convicted drug-users tried making such an argument. But I digress…

My spider plant, which lives happily in a repurposed tea tin, thereby assuaging my guilt that my tea comes in a container difficult to re-purpose but too ostentatious to recycle. In other happy news, the spider plant might also be saving my life. Solving the eco-guilt problem and helping to neutralize a room-full of formaldehyde and benzene; definitely a win-win.

Hot chocolate, made with real chocolate and cinnamon. Yesssss.

Here’s hoping your Friday is lovely too.

One Comment on “it’s friday, i’m in love”

  1. […] coming to visit this weekend! Which means I need to go assemble the boxes I’ve saved for her (she loves boxes). My sister and her roommate are coming too. Yayyy for visitors! This entry was posted in […]

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