thumbs and thankfulness

Thankful for thumbs? Yes. Though relegated to that category of “extremely useful, typically ignored” it has recently come to my attention that I should stop taking thumbs for granted (due to an almost, but fortunately not catastrophic accident that happened to a friend yesterday). Thumbs have amazing utility, like pushing the space bar when you’re typing or helping you balance when you try to do yoga (assuming that you are one of those people who can otherwise balance pretty well: I can’t blame all my problems on my thumbs).

Let’s ignore for a second that that is possibly the most times the word “thumbs” has been used in a paragraph and focus instead on other things for which to be thankful–like being lucky enough this week to be able to attend one of the biggest games in college basketball. ever. This will undoubtedly be one of the coolest things I ever get to do in my life, so I’m taking it pretty seriously. In honor of the occasion (and to increase the chances of my parents spotting me on ESPN) I’m thinking of painting my face. With my thumbs.

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