new camera/being a grown up

Despite the title of this post I am not officially declaring myself as a grown up just yet. I’m pretty sure in order to qualify you can’t have made any calls to your mom in the last year requesting directions for how to boil eggs. I have instead, made progress on the path to growing up by purchasing my first ever (used) DSLR! (After typing this I realized I had no idea what that stood for. Wikipedia tells me it’s “digital single-lens reflex” camera). I don’t mean that buying a camera makes you a grown up, but all the people I know who are serious about their picture taking own DSLRs. And they’re grown ups. It can’t be a coincidence.

To celebrate this exciting event I’m sharing with you one of the first ever pictures taken with the new camera (the very first was of my cat, but her eyes are glowing green and it’s a little disturbing). The presence of the shadow tells you I obviously have no idea how to turn off the flash, but it’s a work in progress.

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