spring fever and garden envy

One thing I really like about my newly adopted state of North Carolina is the weather. It’s been in the 70s here recently and winter was surprisingly tame, at least compared to what I’m used to. Recognizing that there are few things less exciting than discussions about the weather, I have to say that all this warm air has given me garden envy. A lot of the blogs I read are overflowing with who’s planting what, debates about the best heirloom seeds and seed catalogs, and best times to plant. I’m short on gardening experience, but last year I did live in a house where I had space to garden outside. As a novice gardener I thought it would be brilliant to grow lots of things in pots, mostly because I thought it looked cool and I could bring everything in when the weather was cold at night. My “gardening” resulted in a handful of beans, a few herbs, and the picture below.

It was a learning experience.

One Comment on “spring fever and garden envy”

  1. Cammie Kotz says:

    The garden is a humbling teacher. In the garden, to the newly initiated, the minutiae of happenings are unnoticed until the cumulative effect produces something supremely victorious or deeply disastrous. If you are very lucky and very attentive to the lesson each year will bring new learning experiences. ~Cammie

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