rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

Last night, at approximately 3 minutes after midnight, my sister and I exchanged “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” texts. Lest you think we are exceedingly strange (though we are) I should explain for those who don’t know that saying these 3 words on the first day of the month brings you good luck for that month. Our texts serve only as a reminder to say those words right now, because the rules of superstition cannot be altered for a technology-dependent society. Of this I’m pretty sure.

This superstition was only one of many ingrained in us by our great-great aunt when we were kids. I’m not sure if it’s a southern thing, though my mom certainly thought it was. It’s possible that this was the only thing she could come up with to explain to her not-southern family why her offspring thought it was appropriate and even necessary to throw salt over their (left) shoulder if they knocked over the shaker. At the time I thought her need for explanation was bizarre, but in retrospect I can see how small children calmly throwing condiments might require it.

After my great-great aunt passed away several years ago there was no one left to constantly remind us of superstition etiquette, so most of them slipped my mind. Though I always preferred the good luck variety to the ones required to ward off bad luck, a few still jog my memory from time to time. This is particularly true at awkward moments when I find myself diving to save a hat from being thrown on a bed (a very specific but clearly defined superstitious no-no).

Though my mom succeeded in convincing me of the silliness of superstitions many years ago, I hold on to the ones I remember, mainly because they help me remain connected to the greatly missed woman who convinced me they were true. I think of her when my palm itches, when I see someone open an umbrella indoors, and when I stop a recently-vacated chair from rocking (a reflex I never notice until after the fact, and it always makes me laugh). These brief moments of memory always make me smile because I can just see her in heaven, breathing a sigh of relief at the bad luck I just warded off with my rocking chair save.

But back to “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.” I highly recommend it if you would like some extra luck each month, or if you’re looking to introduce some superstition in your life. It’s a much more socially acceptable superstition than say, throwing salt over your shoulder at a dinner party.

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