tea and scones and hats!, oh my

Some preliminary thoughts on the royal wedding:

Kate’s dressed rocked and she looked awesome. I know everyone has already said that, but it’s true and must be said. I thought it was a little weird that her sister was also wearing white but she was pretty too. 

The hats! Oh dear, the hats. I was enamored with them. Most of them. Some of them were on the more, interesting side? Like Fergie’s daughters and Posh Spice (though David Beckham was carrying an awesome hat himself). 

The trees in Westminster Abbey were cool, and a little confusing to me. Are they always there? Were they brought in just for the wedding? Could anyone in the back actually see the wedding through the hats and trees? 

I loved the Queen in her yellow suit. It reminded me of Harry Potter, where Luna’s dad says you should always wear sun colors to a wedding for luck. Harry Potter is British so I think combining both him and the Queen in a sentence is acceptable. 

The hat that the minister was wearing reminded me of the awesome wedding scene from The Princess Bride (oh, irony). I’m sure there is a more proper name for both the minister and the hat he was wearing, but I’m not well-versed in Anglican vocab. 


things that are a big deal

  • Steve Carell’s last episode on The Office tonight. He was never my favorite character (hello Dwight and Jim) but I thought he really made the show.
  • This week I held a very cute baby for 20 minutes. My friend the new mom and I got breakfast on Monday and I got to see up-close the challenges of having a newborn (mainly that your arms get tired after 20 minutes). But he’s a really good baby and she’s a really good mom, so it will all be fine.
  • The end of the first year of grad school! Yay! And wow. That was fast. 
  • The royal wedding tomorrow. Yes I am planning on getting up at 5 to watch. That may be a little silly, but not as silly as the girl I overheard asking her friend why the wedding started at such a ridiculous time so early in the morning. Seriously. 

there is a butter churn in my room

I’m not sure whether to finish that title with a “!” or a “?”, but it’s true. In all fairness I was expecting it’s arrival, but it’s still a little strange. Let’s back up to the day my grandmother called because she had a butter churn, and it was an antique (to which I almost responded “duh” but that would’ve been mean) and did I want it? She said she was asking me because I sometimes like “things like that” (which is her way of acknowledging that I am weird but she accepts me). My mind immediately flashed to Little House on the Prairie daydreams because I loved those books and I wanted to make butter and be exactly like Laura, so of course a butter churn would be quite useful. 

Except that butter takes a really long time to churn, and would probably be messy, and I wasn’t ever going to churn butter anyway, so I’m staring at it wondering how this is going to go. And now I want to re-read all the Little House books, and this new book, The Wilder Life, where the author follows the Little House story and does practically everything they did, including churning butter. I need to track her down. Maybe we could be friends. 


I know people don’t read blogs to be depressed. But today all I can think about is how the author of one of my favorite books apparently took some creative license with his supposedly non-fiction story. This is sad for so many reasons, including the damage done to honest people who worked with him both here and abroad. On a much more personal level, I feel betrayed; I choose my favorite books carefully and only recommend ones that I love. I have recommended this book to a lot of people (many of whom I’m sure will be glad that I’m finally shutting up about it). It may be naive but I inherently trust people who write books. I’m mad at Greg Mortenson both for stretching his story and for betraying this trust. 

On a lighter note, possibly, I am also disappointed in the direction The Office seems to be headed post-Steve Carell. It is a sad, sad day. 

So as not to end on such a dour note, a short of list of things that are making this a good week: spring, visitors, the 3 year old kid who just requested a “small cup of coffee dad me too!” at the coffee shop where I’m writing this, getting to meet my friend’s baby for the first time ever (first impressions are important, here’s hoping he likes me), the last day of classes, a new episode of Glee, and EARTH DAY!!!!! 

thomas jefferson and visitors!

Yesterday was Thomas Jefferson’s 268th birthday, which is relevant to me only because he founded my school, and we’re pretty obsessed with him. On our 4th grade trip to Monticello our tour guide told us that T.J. wanted his 3 greatest accomplishments listed on his gravestone: that he wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and that he founded the University of Virginia. Being elected President, our tour guide told us, didn’t make his top 3. Today Monticello’s website says that he wanted to reflect upon the things he had given the people, and not what they had given him. That may be true, but I like the 4th grade tour guide’s story better. 

In other happy news my niece is coming to visit this weekend! Which means I need to go assemble the boxes I’ve saved for her (she loves boxes). My sister and her roommate are coming too. Yayyy for visitors!

baby!, not mine

I was going to write something about twitter and lady gaga and this awesome conference I went to yesterday but this has all been interrupted because one of my best friends is having a baby! right now!!!! ahhhhhhhhh. This fact is causing me to have a shorter-than-usual attention span and making me sad because I wish I could be there (also I have a bizarre need to know whether labor is anything like what you see on tv). Anyway 20 years from now I don’t want to explain to her child that on the day he was born I was writing about lady gaga (mainly because I’m worried he might say “who?” and then I would cry).

reason 101 that mark bittman is my favorite

I woke up this morning to the reality that yesterday I wrote about shoes. Which is fine, because they are awesome, but today I return to normal where I care more about Tina Fey’s new book or that the apocalypse might be coming. And that some pickles aren’t green, they are dyed that color. Outrageous. Also, I love the New York Times.

Anyway this morning I found in my inbox a link to Mark Bittman’s latest “Good Eats in Paris” (thanks N!) with a map featuring his favorite restaurant recommendations. I think it is so nice of Mr. Bittman, who seems to know that school is currently preventing me from doing much Paris research (though not that that always stops me) and that eating at cool places is priority #1 on the “visiting Paris” list, tied with “see Eiffel Tower.”