This is not my picture. The source is here.

I am not a shoes person. I don’t particularly like shoe shopping. But I found out that kate spade just introduced a bridal line, “wedding belles” (ha, cute) and I made the mistake of visiting the website and I found these and I’m in love. I want to buy them and wear them every day (forgetting for a minute that I’m a clumsy high heel wearer and they match approximately one outfit I own and oh yeah, they’re quite a bit more expensive than what I would normally spend on shoes). I’m going to call my mom and talk to her about shoes which is something I never do and I might even use the words “my precious” because these shoes evoke a serious need for me to hug the box they come in and never let go.

Thus far I have been impervious to wedding accessories. It seems I have fallen hard.


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