thomas jefferson and visitors!

Yesterday was Thomas Jefferson’s 268th birthday, which is relevant to me only because he founded my school, and we’re pretty obsessed with him. On our 4th grade trip to Monticello our tour guide told us that T.J. wanted his 3 greatest accomplishments listed on his gravestone: that he wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and that he founded the University of Virginia. Being elected President, our tour guide told us, didn’t make his top 3. Today Monticello’s website says that he wanted to reflect upon the things he had given the people, and not what they had given him. That may be true, but I like the 4th grade tour guide’s story better. 

In other happy news my niece is coming to visit this weekend! Which means I need to go assemble the boxes I’ve saved for her (she loves boxes). My sister and her roommate are coming too. Yayyy for visitors!

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