there is a butter churn in my room

I’m not sure whether to finish that title with a “!” or a “?”, but it’s true. In all fairness I was expecting it’s arrival, but it’s still a little strange. Let’s back up to the day my grandmother called because she had a butter churn, and it was an antique (to which I almost responded “duh” but that would’ve been mean) and did I want it? She said she was asking me because I sometimes like “things like that” (which is her way of acknowledging that I am weird but she accepts me). My mind immediately flashed to Little House on the Prairie daydreams because I loved those books and I wanted to make butter and be exactly like Laura, so of course a butter churn would be quite useful. 

Except that butter takes a really long time to churn, and would probably be messy, and I wasn’t ever going to churn butter anyway, so I’m staring at it wondering how this is going to go. And now I want to re-read all the Little House books, and this new book, The Wilder Life, where the author follows the Little House story and does practically everything they did, including churning butter. I need to track her down. Maybe we could be friends. 

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