things that are a big deal

  • Steve Carell’s last episode on The Office tonight. He was never my favorite character (hello Dwight and Jim) but I thought he really made the show.
  • This week I held a very cute baby for 20 minutes. My friend the new mom and I got breakfast on Monday and I got to see up-close the challenges of having a newborn (mainly that your arms get tired after 20 minutes). But he’s a really good baby and she’s a really good mom, so it will all be fine.
  • The end of the first year of grad school! Yay! And wow. That was fast. 
  • The royal wedding tomorrow. Yes I am planning on getting up at 5 to watch. That may be a little silly, but not as silly as the girl I overheard asking her friend why the wedding started at such a ridiculous time so early in the morning. Seriously. 

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