do it for the good karma

I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out on the Department of Agriculture’s website lately (for school and work, I’m a nerd but I have my limits). Today I came across this, a brief from the USDA on food security in the US. The release says that close to 15% of American families are food insecure at least part of the year (“food insecure” covers the spectrum that ranges from not having anything to eat, to needing a small amount of food assistance). 

Food issues are important to me but that’s not why I’m writing about it today (because really, it’s Friday and who wants to read something depressing on a Friday). 

Tomorrow is the National Association Letter Carriers annual food drive. All non-perishable donations can be left wherever you pick-up your mail. It’s an easy way to clear out extra spaghettios and get some good karma points at the same time! 

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