how to make friends on the bus

I ride the bus to work and while it’s not the highlight of my day, it could definitely be worse. For the most part I am fairly anti-social towards any fellow seat-mate, usually because most of them are reading and few things in life are worse than being interrupted while reading.

This all changed for me today however when a really disgusting looking bug landed on my arm. In the mayhem that followed I almost wound up sitting in the lap of the guy next to me who was calmly reading the newspaper, unaware that a significant threat had entered our personal space. He maintained the calmness while I proceeded to hit the bug, miss it, lose it, see it on my leg, brush it off my leg, freak out that I couldn’t find it, and then finally relax when I saw it squished on the floor.

Before I could begin my profuse apology for invading his side of the seat with my hysterics he looked at the bug, then at me, before asking “dead?” in a heavily accented voice. I confirmed that the insect was in fact defeated to which he responded with an enthusiastic “good!” 

Having survived this joint experience of terror, we spent the remainder of the ride talking about popsicles. This was due to our mutual difficulty understanding each other, which prevented a move to more complex conversational topics, as well as an apparent shared love of popsicles. Best bus friend for life. 

2 Comments on “how to make friends on the bus”

  1. Nikki says:

    Bhahaha I ride the bus to work, too! It makes for some excellent stories (like this one)

  2. […] for me as a kid (yeah, they were awesome). And last week I made a new bus friend (please see “how to make friends on the bus” as both a lesson in social etiquette and an example of how I can make even the most mundane […]

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