popsicles! (no babysitter)

When my sister and I were kids and our parents went out leaving us with a babysitter, my mom invariably made us popsicles. Or jello. But mostly I remember the popsicles. I’m not sure whether this was a nice treat, or a bribe for us to be on our best behavior, or both, but it worked. Our babysitters generally thought of us as nice kids (I think) and my sister never bit any of them, which is a resounding success I attribute specifically to the popsicles.

As a result, I always associate making popsicles with having a babysitter. Since I am 23, this is kind of weird.

Do you have those too? The completely random things that bring up correlating memories from years ago? Black licorice makes me think of my great-grandparents house and mayonnaise recalls the mayonnaise-only sandwiches my great great aunt made for me as a kid (yeah, they were awesome). And last week I made a new bus friend (please see “how to make friends on the bus” as both a lesson in social etiquette and an example of how I can make even the most mundane moments awkward) and we bonded over popsicles. Apparently all my memories are food related. But I digress.

Yesterday Damin and I made popsicles! I have to stop here to bemoan the sad lack of popsicle mold options. Our trip both began and ended at Bed, Bath & Beyond, who had the ones you see pictured above with the weird straw thing protruding from the side. We detoured to Target, who failed us by having a popsicle machine but nothing for those of us wishing to take a more DIY route.

Pictured above is “lemonade”, our favorite from the experiment and whose recipe is the following: buy lemonade mix + make it + freeze in strange looking popsicle mold (extra points if you’re on your best behavior).

3 Comments on “popsicles! (no babysitter)”

  1. bballmom1120 says:

    You should check to see if Tupperware still sells popsicle molds. I’m sure that is where your mother bought her’s from

  2. Jo says:

    This is totally awesome! We had the Tupperware popsicle molds for hot summer days and it was always AMAZING. I kind of want to make some now. Margarita popsicles, anyone?

  3. bballmom1120 says:

    Margarita popsicles!!!! Wow, now that’s a concept I never thought of before. I may have to search out some popsicle molds for myself. Kelly, If I find some better than BB&B’s, I’ll be sure to let you know

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