thoughts from friday

Today my focus is meandering.

10 minutes ago I was looking at the weather, practically dancing at my desk because today’s high is 83 and not the 95 of two days ago. My car doesn’t have AC and so the combination of driving with my windows down and the humidity here have done some awesome things to my hair. I’m pretty sure my co-workers think I perpetually look like I just walked out “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Somehow from that I transitioned to contemplating whether I should do the GOOD: 30 day challenge of going vegetarian for the month. I spent at least a minute on whether it would be worth trying, because I don’t eat much meat to begin with, or a good experience because it’s something I’ve always considered anyway.

Next up was the email The Knot sent me yesterday because we are officially one year minus one day from the wedding! This email was exhorting me to “research wedding vendors!” (so ahead of that game, but pretty much nothing else on their list). They also have “unique favors” that you can buy, but I’m on to them, because really if thousands of people are buying their personalized Reese’s Cups, they kind of stop being unique, right? I also have decided that I most definitely need this.

As a side note, I have also become strangely influenced by this book, and now possess the strong urge to buy and restore a Tuscan farmhouse because it sounds like the most wonderful thing in the world. In preparation, I’m going to do some research on how to make olive oil, which is a skill that I will undoubtedly need as Tuscan farmhouse owner/restorer. Who needs grad school?

Have a good weekend!

One Comment on “thoughts from friday”

  1. laura|move to portugal says:

    Buying and restoring a Tuscan farmhouse sounds wonderful…I still need to read the book (and the see the film) too.

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