similar to a day at the beach

Today at lunch I had to call a Dr.’s office at home about an appointment on Friday. When I told Doris (cute) that I live in North Carolina she asked me how I liked “living at the beach.” Oh Doris. I would love living at the beach, if I lived there and not somewhere in the amorphous center of the state. And since it feels like I live at the beach, temperature-wise, she was close anyway. I know this winter I will reflect upon this post and want to hit myself in the face for whining about the weather. Oh well. 

In other news, this is Restaurant Week! Which means trying a new place not usually frequented by poor grad students. A place with tiramisu on the dessert menu? Yes please.  (Note: WordPress is telling me that “tiramisu” is a misspelled word. Looks like Doris isn’t the only one being silly today). 

And finally, in wedding news, my sister is horrified that I don’t care if the tablecloths match the bridesmaid dresses. We’re thinking of making her dress out of a tablecloth to remedy this problem. We’re also debating whether we could make chocolate covered pretzels as favors without eating all of them before the wedding. So far it’s a toss-up.

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