observations from the side of the road

On Friday we left for Pennsylvania, a trip we have taken many, many times in my lifetime, usually in an uneventful manner. Friday’s trip, however,  included an exciting new twist that left us on the side of the interstate, 2 hours from our destination. While my sister and I made phone calls to various family members, my mom called Triple A. What ensued on her end was an hilarious (to us, not her) few minutes when the lady with whom she was speaking said she could call a taxi, but unfortunately some only seat two. Given that there were three of us, my mom tried to explain to this lady that even though my sister and I are adult children (20 and 23, respectively) that we were still children! and could not be left alone on the side of the road. Or sent off by ourselves with some possibly strange taxi-driver.

I should stop here to note that my mother wasn’t just being overprotective. Neither my sister nor myself possess the survival skills required of this situation. And by “survival skills”, I mean the ability to sit alone in a car on the side of the interstate, unsupervised.

45 minutes later a tow truck big enough to transport both our car and ourselves arrived to solve our problem. The truck ride was pretty exciting, as was the time we spent bonding with the truck driver’s 7 year old daughter while we waited. We now know her summer plans, the names (first and middle) of all her siblings, and the names of all the Wiggles characters. Cute.

Fortunately for us, there was a homemade ice cream shop next door to the car repair place. We suffered through the wait for my aunt to rescue us by drowning our sorrows in anise, pear sorbet, and chocolate marshmallow (I think). 

We highly recommend this place if you’re every traveling through Carlisle, PA. Also please let me know if you know what exactly the Wiggles are. 

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