wedding nightmares

This time it was 45 minutes before the wedding, and one of the bridesmaids called to say she would be an hour late. While trying to figure out how to back up the wedding to ensure that she would make it, my friend who is acting as coordinator called to say she had forgotten about my wedding and wouldn’t be attending. Or coordinating. I’m not sure how I managed to make it to 45 minutes before the wedding without realizing neither of them was there, but I guess that’s typical of wedding nightmares.

The worst part of the whole thing, to my dream-self, was the programs. 2 of my best friends had just called to say they wouldn’t be there, but I was more horrified by the programs. Because they had misspellings! Lots of them (which would bug me in real life yes, but nice priorities, right?).

Perhaps the best part of this dream was that my mom had seen the misspellings and anticipated my reaction, so she was attempting to fix it (she’s good that way). Except that her version of “fixing it” involved cutting out rectangles of construction paper and writing on them the correctly spelled words to paste on to the programs. At this point in the dream, with the wedding 20 minutes away, she had finished half the programs and was telling me not to worry, that no one would notice (as a stack of programs fluttered on a table behind her, curling at the edges from all the glue).

We still have a year. This is getting a little silly.

One Comment on “wedding nightmares”

  1. bballmom1120 says:

    I have to laugh everytime I read this post. Sadly, I can picture this

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