swimming in blueberries


Last Friday I had what I thought was both a stroke of genius and a fortuitous occasion of luck. Whole Foods had a one-day sale on organic blueberries, $2/pint instead of the usual $5. Since blueberries are on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list, they’re one of those things I try to buy organic, or not at all  (usually the latter, because I’m definitely just a grad student). Because blueberries are 1) awesome, 2) good for you and 3) I usually buy them frozen in bulk for my smoothies anyway, I decided the best approach would be to buy several pints and freeze them myself.

And then! I saw the sign advertising the special, a whole case (12 pints) for $20. The logical part of my brain reminded myself that I live alone, and that $20 is a lot to spend on one type of fruit for only one person. But the logical side was also attracted to the idea of getting a great deal on something so healthy that I use anyway.

So I left the store carrying a box, only a little self-conscious that people were probably staring at me and surmising that one person could not possibly need a case! of blueberries (I shouldn’t have been, the guy in front of me at check-out was carrying 3).

I have spent the last week using my minimal freezer space to rotate blueberries on cookie sheets. And making blueberry pie (which seemed like a great idea, until I remembered I really prefer peach and apple. But it was ok). And then I had a mild panic attack when I remembered that I’m moving out of my apartment in August so all the blueberries need to be gone by then.

It sounds like I’m complaining about my self-induced influx of fruit and I don’t mean to be. I do, however, look back fondly on my life before last Friday, to the days when I didn’t arrive at work with blueberries stuck to my shoes (I still haven’t mastered not losing blueberries during freezer transport).

Also, if you know me, you will understand while I might start trying to foist blueberries on you at our every meeting.

Photo credit: here, via Pinterest


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