grammar makes me laugh and other miscellany

Pinterest is my new best friend. I have seen this everywhere on the internet but it gets me every time. Seriously. Like today when a co-worker was talking to me, and I saw it, cracked up, and tried unsuccessfully to turn it into a cough. And then I showed it to her, and because she’s cool, she loved it. And now she’s on Pinterest. Win.

I found this recipe for nutella cheesecake layer bars. Seriously. Nutella. And cheesecake. Two of my favorite things ever. Would making these send me into a coma? Probably, but it would be worth it.

Also I’m psyched that I got to celebrate yesterday with this lady who recently got a new job in New York! (But sad she’ll be leaving NC, so it’s one of those bittersweet things). Definitely looking forward to hearing about her NYC adventures.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!

picture here, via Pinterest

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