This morning, while running out the door for work, I remembered that yesterday I ran out of the tea I normally keep at my desk. Since my ability to think coherently depends on that cup of tea, I grabbed a few loose bags and headed to the bus. The first sip, however, revealed that in the morning’s haste the tea I brought to work was some sort of gross vanilla and not my usual cinnamon. I typically like vanilla, but because it wasn’t what I was accustomed to, I took it personally, like the vanilla was trying to Ruin My Life.

So. That led to a trip to the coffee shop, followed by me staring at my coffee for 5 minutes because the design on top was so amazing I didn’t really want to drink it. I tried to find a picture like it on Pinterest, found this one instead, decided that giraffes trump everything, and will hereby call it a day. Not really, because there is work to be done, but at least I no longer feel like the hot beverages in my life are conspiring against me.

In an unrelated note, ever since I found these I have been pondering whether having a Nancy Drew themed wedding would be taking my infatuation with everyone’s favorite girl detective a little too far. I could call Damin, “Ned.” We could give everyone flashlights. It would be great. Because everyone loves Nancy Drew, right?

picture source: here, via Pinterest

One Comment on “pondering”

  1. nikki says:

    NANCY DREW! I used to LOVE Nancy Drew… now I feel like digging out all those awesome dusty hardcovers in my attic…

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