August = New York, my cousin’s wedding in Indiana, a trip to the beach, and a new apartment, among other things. Because I would prefer to spend the rest of the month without a nagging guilt that I’m not blogging, I’m taking a blog vacation from now until the end of the month when it’s time to head back to school (cue whining). This (hopefully) means time to read all the blogs I’ve gotten behind on reading, catching up on the last few (fiction!) books I have left, and generally having a good time. Have a good last few weeks of summer!

picture: mine, of the Flat Iron Building from our last trip to NYC (trying to figure out the best angle to convey that the building is in fact, pretty flat).


cars and caterers

or, being a grown up.

Yes, I know grown ups don’t refer to themselves as “grown ups.”

Last week I met with caterers. And saw Tim McGraw with my grandmother. And went to  wedding for two really nice people who are already married but wanted a wedding  because the first time? It was to prevent themselves from being deployed to opposite  ends of the world for two years. And I bought a car! It was an exhausting few days.

This week a friend of mine is in town visiting (yay!) and then we leave for engagement  pictures (I say leave, because we weren’t really into this until we realized we could take  the picture at our alma mater, because we love it there and we are huge dorks). And then I’m going to New York with my sister. Whew. In the mean time I will try to think of something more interesting to write than  my weekly to-do list. I am also trying, per one caterer’s instructions, to decide how I best like shrimp. I usually don’t have opinions on shrimp, but if you do, you should let me know. I refuse to stress about something that’s usually served on a cocktail plate (famous last words?).

Also this picture is complete unrelated to the subject but it’s mine and I like sunflowers and I’m being lazy today. And I don’t have any pictures of shrimp.