hello september!

August was a busy month. It was checking out neighborhoods in Brooklyn where my sister could potentially live next year, moving apartments, and the West Virginia state fair. On the wedding front it was engagement pictures, changing venues, and moving the date up a week (!). It was also my cousin’s wedding in Indiana (awesome), a trip to the beach (yay), and almost 2000 miles in the car with Damin (which we handled very well, exceeding all my expectations – I have never spent that amount of time in a car with someone without wanting to kill them at some point). August was dinner on an inlet with goats, our first piano bar, and only one (very small) jellyfish. August was good.

August was also my last first day of school, ever. I thought I would feel at least some sort of emotion tied to this day but I didn’t. Maybe this time next year when I realize I’m not actually going back to school? We’ll see.

August was also the first time I’ve ever attended a significant family event (see: cousin’s wedding) without my sister. I thought this necessitated her portrait on a napkin so she could travel with us and still be in family pictures. You probably don’t know her in real life, but this picture is pretty accurate.


One Comment on “hello september!”

  1. nikki says:

    yeesh you did have a busy month! I hope you share your engagement photos 🙂

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