regression and dragons (this is not about math)

I tried really hard. When we went to the beach, I borrowed books from my sister instead of choosing from my own shelf, ensuring there was no way I would wind up taking nonfiction on vacation. But then I had trade credit from my favorite bookstore and I remembered I’d been wanting to read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” since I read about it’s release in the NYTimes over a year ago. The Ben Franklin biography has been ongoing for many months; it’s great, just slow going and I only pick it up here and there. Then I got “The Healing of America“, which had been on my paperbackswap wishlist for a long time, and at the same time I was reading “The Greater Journey” because I like history and Paris…and you can see where this is going. Nonfiction has once again started consuming my life.

I keep rationalizing this slip, telling myself that it’s just a few, etc. etc. but the truth is 1) they’re really good books and 2) I’m totally going to compensate for it this fall when these books are released. Because the truth is I’m a huge nerd and I have been waiting for the next book (and in one case, the last book) in these series for a long time.

The last time one of the books in the Inheritance series was released, my sister and I were a few of the only attendees at a sparsely attended and pretty lame midnight release party. By “sparsely attended”, I mean it was us and a 10 year old kid who was accompanied by his mother. It was pretty great.

We’re planning on calling the Barnes & Noble where said release party took place to see if they’ll be hosting another one this time. Despite it’s lameness, I’m hoping they say yes. This is mainly because nothing is better about a midnight release than being the first people to get your book (yes, we definitely beat that 10 year old to the register). While it will never match the experience of the Harry Potter midnight release variety (unless that kid dresses up as a dragon this time, and I’m really hoping he does) it’s still pretty exciting.

In the mean time I will bury myself in nonfiction, hoping to have a fully geeked out experience in November. Fingers crossed on the midnight release.


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