gay marriage did not kill the dinosaurs

I have a conflicted relationship with Jezebel. Sometimes I love them for their sass, and sometimes I can’t stand them for their snark (among other things). But this week at least I am on good terms with them thanks to this article, sent to me by a friend (thanks, R!). Even though I live in North Carolina and worked somewhat closely with the legislature this summer, I’m often oblivious to state news. Gay marriage wasn’t an issue during session this summer, and I assumed that was mainly because there’s already a state law defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

But apparently these past few weeks, it has gotten worse. Or as Margaret Hartmann wrote in the Jezebel article “…North Carolina Republicans are concerned that they still aren’t oppressing homosexuals enough, as they’re currently the only state in the South that doesn’t have a same-sex marriage ban in its constitution.” So now, on the next ballot voters will be asked whether NC should remedy that problem and add a ban to the state constitution.

It’s sad, and infuriating, and a million other things.  Like blatantly political. Nothing says “get out the vote” in a presidential election year like playing on the belief that allowing gay people to marry will somehow effect the sanctity of heterosexual marriages. It’s depressing to me that we’re asking people whether they think it’s ok to sanction discrimination. I want to believe that this a great opportunity for the people of NC to send a resounding “absolutely not” back to the state legislature, but sadly, I don’t think that’s coming.

I consider myself to be interested in politics, but try to avoid writing or talking about it too much, mainly because I find it so disheartening. I’m bringing this up today because 1) it makes me livid and 2) I sometimes get so absorbed by events like Yay! New York that I forget that the fight continues. (Side note: I thought this post on APW, “Not Equal Enough“, was an excellent reminder of that).

So all of this is pretty depressing, yes? I do not like ending on a sad note so here’s something happier. The NC Pride Parade is coming to town in a few weeks, and the church I attend (a reconciling congregation, which is just one of the reasons I love them) participates every year. I’m hoping to be there, to cheer on the people who live this fight every day. I’m also hoping that someday in the (not too distant) future we can celebrate Yay! North Carolina.

pie chart source: Good, via Prose Before Hos