this was supposed to be about car shopping

Today I was going to write about car shopping. And how frustrating it is. And how I could care less about car batteries but how I really should care about car batteries because apparently the older model Prius’es (Prii?) have some potential battery issues. And how this is one of the worst years to buy a used car. Ever.

But then! When searching Pinterest (love) for a picture to accompany this awesome post about car shopping I remembered what could possibly be the best car commercial of all time. This is assessment is based on my love for polar bears and my desire for the electric car to be a successful commodity (again, nerd).

And then! I found the cartoon above. And it cracked me up because I may or may not at one time or another have told my sister I was researching global warming to help the polar bears.

My love for polar bears is not your typical infatuation with a random animal. I have a connection to polar bears that stretches back to a trip to the Philadelphia zoo when I was very, very small.  I was one of many children pressed up against the glass waiting for the (absent) polar bears when one of them swam straight up to me and put his paw against the glass, right where my hand was on the other side. I was chosen! The polar bear picked me! (And lest you think my childhood imagination was running amok, which is a legitimate concern, this story has been verified by my mother, who would not lie about something of this magnitude).

Obviously writing about polar bears is way more fun than writing about cars, so you can hopefully sympathize with this detour.

Cartoon from Cowbirds in Love.