hello september!

August was a busy month. It was checking out neighborhoods in Brooklyn where my sister could potentially live next year, moving apartments, and the West Virginia state fair. On the wedding front it was engagement pictures, changing venues, and moving the date up a week (!). It was also my cousin’s wedding in Indiana (awesome), a trip to the beach (yay), and almost 2000 miles in the car with Damin (which we handled very well, exceeding all my expectations – I have never spent that amount of time in a car with someone without wanting to kill them at some point). August was dinner on an inlet with goats, our first piano bar, and only one (very small) jellyfish. August was good.

August was also my last first day of school, ever. I thought I would feel at least some sort of emotion tied to this day but I didn’t. Maybe this time next year when I realize I’m not actually going back to school? We’ll see.

August was also the first time I’ve ever attended a significant family event (see: cousin’s wedding) without my sister. I thought this necessitated her portrait on a napkin so she could travel with us and still be in family pictures. You probably don’t know her in real life, but this picture is pretty accurate.



August = New York, my cousin’s wedding in Indiana, a trip to the beach, and a new apartment, among other things. Because I would prefer to spend the rest of the month without a nagging guilt that I’m not blogging, I’m taking a blog vacation from now until the end of the month when it’s time to head back to school (cue whining). This (hopefully) means time to read all the blogs I’ve gotten behind on reading, catching up on the last few (fiction!) books I have left, and generally having a good time. Have a good last few weeks of summer!

picture: mine, of the Flat Iron Building from our last trip to NYC (trying to figure out the best angle to convey that the building is in fact, pretty flat).

oh the places you’ll go

Or, yay for friends working in awesome places this summer, because then you and other friends get to go visit them.

How cute is Asheville for having a “we’re glad you’re here!” sign? Also the bottom left hand picture is a through-the-window shot of my favorite. bookstore. ever. Love.



It’s finals time again, which means like clockwork, finals-induced procrastination. I thought I could avoid it this year since I really wanted to get it over with, but no, it was not to be. That is how a few nights ago saw me searching the internet trying to decide whether cupcakes would be a good wedding dessert, with the urgency of one who actually had to make the decision that night.

This period of procrastination was also subject to my sudden urge to travel. I mean I always want to travel, but two nights ago it was of the looking-into-plane-tickets persuasion. My life list is pretty heavy with travel activities like “ride the trolleys in San Francisco” and “cross the Canadian border” (side note: this list was written awhile ago and in hindsight this entry about Canada cracks me up, because it makes it sound like I just want to cross the border, not actually go to visit Canada). This bout of procrastination had me considering how quickly I could get to Canada and back (the answer: not very) and whether my sister would demand that I watch Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco (a childhood obsession of hers) before any trip to the Bay. 

I also re-encountered one of my all time favorite quotes this week, Mark Twain’s from Innocents Abroad (I think): “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

I love that quote because I love Mark Twain and because it always inspires me to get moving and experience things. And I think this world could do with more broad, wholesome, and charitable views of people, yes? 

*In honor of Cinco de Mayo, this picture is from a trip to Mexico, circa 2004, pre-digital camera 

reason 101 that mark bittman is my favorite

I woke up this morning to the reality that yesterday I wrote about shoes. Which is fine, because they are awesome, but today I return to normal where I care more about Tina Fey’s new book or that the apocalypse might be coming. And that some pickles aren’t green, they are dyed that color. Outrageous. Also, I love the New York Times.

Anyway this morning I found in my inbox a link to Mark Bittman’s latest “Good Eats in Paris” (thanks N!) with a map featuring his favorite restaurant recommendations. I think it is so nice of Mr. Bittman, who seems to know that school is currently preventing me from doing much Paris research (though not that that always stops me) and that eating at cool places is priority #1 on the “visiting Paris” list, tied with “see Eiffel Tower.”

paris on my mind

I can’t help it. Ever since I decided that I’m going to Paris next year it’s become a bit of an obsession. This picture is from a spring break trip that featured a chocolate Eiffel Tower. At the time I thought it was both funny and sad, because it only reminded me that I hadn’t been yet. And now that’s changing! Yay for goals! Yay for Paris!

sage advice from mark twain, or, paris!

There is a quote, commonly attributed to Mark Twain (I think), that goes “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did…” Mark Twain is a smart guy, but regardless of whether he actually said that or not I’ve decided to embrace that sentiment. I’m going to Paris. Not now, nor any time soon actually. Not until next March. But I’ve decided I’m going and for now that will suffice. I’ve always wanted to go, and just assumed I would since for years I was convinced my destiny was to be a French teacher. Incorrect assumptions about the future aside, I have a small window left in which to take advantage of that wonderful concept known as “spring break.” I also feel the need to be true to my 18 year old self, who was wrong about teaching but not about traveling. This also means a new reason to make lots of lists! It’s a good day.