my future brother-in-law has skills

or skillz, if you prefer.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be like “hey here’s a video of me, you should check it out” but that’s totally what I’m about to do. Because it’s not for me, it’s for the very talented producer of the video, my future brother-in-law, Cody.

Awhile back he mentioned to Damin and I that he had been looking at engagement videos and thought maybe he’d like to try making one. Ordinarily he does photography and videography of wildlife and sports, so this was a departure from his usual line of work. The idea of being in front of a video camera normally makes me feel really weird, but Cody said we could do the video in Charlottesville. Given that Charlottesville is pretty much my favorite place in the entire world, I forgot my apprehension.

The result was the video above, which is pretty awesome and even more so given that it’s his first try.



This morning, while running out the door for work, I remembered that yesterday I ran out of the tea I normally keep at my desk. Since my ability to think coherently depends on that cup of tea, I grabbed a few loose bags and headed to the bus. The first sip, however, revealed that in the morning’s haste the tea I brought to work was some sort of gross vanilla and not my usual cinnamon. I typically like vanilla, but because it wasn’t what I was accustomed to, I took it personally, like the vanilla was trying to Ruin My Life.

So. That led to a trip to the coffee shop, followed by me staring at my coffee for 5 minutes because the design on top was so amazing I didn’t really want to drink it. I tried to find a picture like it on Pinterest, found this one instead, decided that giraffes trump everything, and will hereby call it a day. Not really, because there is work to be done, but at least I no longer feel like the hot beverages in my life are conspiring against me.

In an unrelated note, ever since I found these I have been pondering whether having a Nancy Drew themed wedding would be taking my infatuation with everyone’s favorite girl detective a little too far. I could call Damin, “Ned.” We could give everyone flashlights. It would be great. Because everyone loves Nancy Drew, right?

picture source: here, via Pinterest

wedding nightmares

This time it was 45 minutes before the wedding, and one of the bridesmaids called to say she would be an hour late. While trying to figure out how to back up the wedding to ensure that she would make it, my friend who is acting as coordinator called to say she had forgotten about my wedding and wouldn’t be attending. Or coordinating. I’m not sure how I managed to make it to 45 minutes before the wedding without realizing neither of them was there, but I guess that’s typical of wedding nightmares.

The worst part of the whole thing, to my dream-self, was the programs. 2 of my best friends had just called to say they wouldn’t be there, but I was more horrified by the programs. Because they had misspellings! Lots of them (which would bug me in real life yes, but nice priorities, right?).

Perhaps the best part of this dream was that my mom had seen the misspellings and anticipated my reaction, so she was attempting to fix it (she’s good that way). Except that her version of “fixing it” involved cutting out rectangles of construction paper and writing on them the correctly spelled words to paste on to the programs. At this point in the dream, with the wedding 20 minutes away, she had finished half the programs and was telling me not to worry, that no one would notice (as a stack of programs fluttered on a table behind her, curling at the edges from all the glue).

We still have a year. This is getting a little silly.

tea and scones and hats!, oh my

Some preliminary thoughts on the royal wedding:

Kate’s dressed rocked and she looked awesome. I know everyone has already said that, but it’s true and must be said. I thought it was a little weird that her sister was also wearing white but she was pretty too. 

The hats! Oh dear, the hats. I was enamored with them. Most of them. Some of them were on the more, interesting side? Like Fergie’s daughters and Posh Spice (though David Beckham was carrying an awesome hat himself). 

The trees in Westminster Abbey were cool, and a little confusing to me. Are they always there? Were they brought in just for the wedding? Could anyone in the back actually see the wedding through the hats and trees? 

I loved the Queen in her yellow suit. It reminded me of Harry Potter, where Luna’s dad says you should always wear sun colors to a wedding for luck. Harry Potter is British so I think combining both him and the Queen in a sentence is acceptable. 

The hat that the minister was wearing reminded me of the awesome wedding scene from The Princess Bride (oh, irony). I’m sure there is a more proper name for both the minister and the hat he was wearing, but I’m not well-versed in Anglican vocab. 


This is not my picture. The source is here.

I am not a shoes person. I don’t particularly like shoe shopping. But I found out that kate spade just introduced a bridal line, “wedding belles” (ha, cute) and I made the mistake of visiting the website and I found these and I’m in love. I want to buy them and wear them every day (forgetting for a minute that I’m a clumsy high heel wearer and they match approximately one outfit I own and oh yeah, they’re quite a bit more expensive than what I would normally spend on shoes). I’m going to call my mom and talk to her about shoes which is something I never do and I might even use the words “my precious” because these shoes evoke a serious need for me to hug the box they come in and never let go.

Thus far I have been impervious to wedding accessories. It seems I have fallen hard.


lesson learned

I have several tried and true methods for dealing with grumpiness, and one of the most reliable is visiting a bookstore. Today, in a state of mind I would call “surly”, I dropped in to my local favorite, hoping to remedy this problem. And it is with this backdrop that I give you today’s lesson in karma.

Upon my initial meandering around the store I noticed a woman, and by noticed I mean smelled, because this woman was very heavily perfumed with something floral. I immediately began searching for the cause of this olfactory assault so that I could escape it when I turned and noticed that the source of said assault was clutching Sarah Palin’s latest literary atrocity. At this point my instinct took over and I walked quickly to the opposite side of the store.

I wish the story had ended there, but alas it was not to be. Minutes later I stood inspecting the magazine section, and was reaching for the cover that featured Will & Kate (I can’t help it, I find them fascinating) when I was once again overtaken by the heavy scent of roses. As I turned to look for an exit I found myself trapped by the woman who exclaimed “Oh Will and Kate!”; and then, gaze drifting to my left hand “are you hoping to find ideas for your wedding dear!?” I felt compelled to identify that no, I was not in fact looking to the royal wedding for inspiration for my own, thank you. I gave her a very forced smile, turned to go, and then “oh but dear, have you picked your colors yet!?”

I couldn’t help it, I cracked. Under ordinary circumstances I would never have done it, but given my bad mood, and the fact that her perfume was making my eyes water, and that I had seen her holding a book by Sarah Palin five minutes prior, and that she thought I would get wedding inspiration from the royal family and that she didn’t know a thing about me but she wanted to know if I had picked my wedding colors!? (Mom you should probably stop reading here).

Smiling, I offered the most ridiculous thing I could think of at that moment: “Oh yes, I’m thinking of aubergine.” As the devil on my shoulder jumped up and down and the angel on the other side buried its face in its hands and my mother reading this thinks “how could she have turned out like this?” I prepared to walk away smug in my triumph over confounding the floral woman with my sarcastic answer. Because seriously, who really knows what the color “aubergine” is? (Side note: it’s eggplant, which is lovely, and much easier to say).

But the floral lady bested me. Her face lit up and she practically yelled to the whole store “oh dearrrrr but one of my daughter’s colors was aubergine and it’s beautifulllll and I’m forever talking to people who have no idea what it is! You should definitely pick aubergine, it will be so wonderful in all your pictures!”

Touché karma. Touché.

188 and tablescapes

I feel like I should start with a confession. I have been sucked into the swirling vortex that is wedding blogs. I am an obsessive planner by nature and in the beginning I brushed off this new obsession by telling myself it was only due to my need to prepare. I guess the truth is somewhere in between; I like new ideas and people on wedding blogs often have awesome ideas. I also like reading about some, er, more creative choices that people have made, if only to assure myself that I am much more sane because my selections won’t be nearly so…unique (are 27 ice sculptures unique? What if, in addition to the requisite swan/hearts/etc., there are also ice sculptures in the shape of your initials?).

Enter The Knot. I, like many newly engaged, signed up to receive their email updates, mainly because I was advised that their checklist feature is so helpful. I’m sure this is true for some people. In my case nothing makes me want to run screaming in terror, consider eloping, or roll on the floor laughing like seeing the screen that says “there are 188 to-dos on your list.” These “to-dos” include ideas like encouraging you to send “just engaged video e-cards” (coming soon to the inbox of everyone I know), envision what kind of “tablescape” we might want (WHAT IS A TABLESCAPE!?) and what kind of details might be important to us (see: ice sculptures).

It’s possible that I might feel completely differently about the situation if we had a shorter engagement. It’s also a possibility that in 6 months I might be grateful for a checklist that reminds me that I need to buy a wedding dress. Only time will tell. For now you’ll have to excuse me, but I’m working on my own checklist (3 is better than 188 right?). So far it looks like this: 1) Make video e-card 2) Google “tablescape” 3) Research ice sculpture compatibility with June wedding.